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Shipping on all Daylily Orders: Priority Mail $10.50 + $1.00 per plant. Due to a price increase in USPS Priority Mail, I have added the extra 50 cents. Orders that have already been sent with payment are covered this for new orders only.

Shipping to California, New Mexico, and surrounding States add 75 cents per daylily. 

I will start shipping April 25 thru October 28, or as weather permits. I do not take credit cards.

PAYMENT Can be make by a good check to Davis Daylily Gardens

Please click on the picture to see an enlargement.


Bloom size - description - height - bloom time, E-Early  M-Mid  La-Late season bloom.

Sev.- Semi evergreen   Dor.- Dormant   Evr.- Evergreen

Ext.-Extended bloom  Fra.- Fragrant   Re.- Repeat bloom  Tet.-Tetroploid

 Dip.- Diploid 

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